Halloween Director Says It’s Been A Delight To Work With John Carpenter


How well Blumhouse’s Halloween holds up against the 1978 classic of the same name remains to be seen, but director David Gordon Green can at least take comfort in knowing that his planned follow-up to Laurie Strode’s fateful first meeting with Michael Myers already has the approval of the original film’s helmsman.

The legendary John Carpenter has been involved in the new movie in a composing capacity, and speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Green reports that working with his predecessor on the sequel’s soundtrack has been a pleasure.

“It’s been really fun. We’ll do a lot of weekly Skype sessions and he’ll play some stuff and send tracks. It’s cool, too. I’ll watch the movie with him, and just get notes and ideas, so that’s pretty incredible, and hilarious, as you could imagine. So, he’ll be in his studio with his keyboard and a screen [watching] the scene, and I’ll be on my computer, communicating through Skype, but watching him watch the movie, and get his ideas and commentary and musical suggestions. It’s kind of cool. It’s hard not to smile, you know.”

But as fun as it’s been to work with the man who brought us the chilling soundtrack to the original Halloween, Green also mentions that there are plenty more reasons to be optimistic about the upcoming slasher movie.

“In many ways, this job is a dream come true. It’s been an incredible collaboration, with an incredible cast and group of producers, and the icing on the cake is, I get to work with one of my idols in a musical capacity, which is such an unexpected delight.”

Blumhouse’s Halloween will be the first film in the franchise to boast a John Carpenter credit since 1982’s Halloween III: Season of the Witch. A good omen, perhaps, but we’ll find out if Green’s movie can earn the blessing of the fans when it lands in cinemas on October 19th, 2018.

Source: EW