Halloween Graveyard Remembers The Fallen Heroes Of Avengers: Infinity War


We’re in the spookiest time of the year now, which means that Marvel fans are finding morbid new ways to reflect on the genocidal events of this year’s MCU output.

We’ve already seen Doctor Strange writer C. Robert Cargill’s reimagining of Peter Parker’s death scene in Avengers: Infinity War, and now one Reddit user has decorated their front lawn with an array of gravestones in remembrance of the heroes we lost in Thanos’ purging of the galaxy. If they really wanted to stay faithful to the events of the film, they would’ve added at least a few trillion more markers, but this’ll do just fine.

While the mass extermination that concluded Infinity War remains the MCU’s grimmest moment to date, fans have been managing to find the funny side of this sequence ever since, from the popular dusting meme to some cheeky fan art. Even Robert Downey Jr. himself shared a meme earlier this week that made fun of Iron Man’s disintegrated peers. We’ll see if he’s still finding the thought of heroes dying so funny when Avengers 4 rolls around.

Speaking of which, as big a moment as the Snappening was for the franchise, it’s clear that next year’s sequel is going to find some way of reversing these deaths, especially when several of the dusted characters already have sequels lined up. Though the MCU is evidently bold enough to kill half the universe, it’s highly doubtful that they’d be bold enough to set the remainder of their films in a universe where half the population just died. A post-genocide Ant-Man movie just wouldn’t have the same vibe.

Either way, Avengers 4 will be carving out the franchise’s future when it hits theaters on May 3rd, 2019. But until then, the fans continue to mourn their fallen heroes.

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