Halloween Horror: Your Guide To Navigating Netflix Watch Instantly This October


Being a devout horror movie addict, October comes with an inherent jubilation that just can’t be replicated by other holiday seasons. Thanksgiving brings families together, Easter rests its laurels on religious reflection, and Christmas is about getting some badass gifts (right?), but there’s nothing better than an October horror movie marathon.

While there are plenty of horror movie events you can attend in major cities (looking forward to an all-night marathon here in NYC myself), sometimes you just want to chill out in the comfort (safety) of your own home. If that’s your choice, then you’ll probably find yourself perusing the Netflix Watch Instantly library, looking for a lineup of chilling stories and brutal slashings. But have you noticed the daunting volume of options available? How is one person supposed to decide on only a handful of horror movies to watch with so many titles?

That’s where I come in.

Since I’m a good little gremlin, Satan’s little helper if you will, I’ve broken down everything you should be watching this October into digestible subgenres specific to a viewer’s taste. To confirm, these are all movies you can find on Netflix Watch Instantly that are streamable this second, and should be selected over the planted distractions featuring amazing one-sheet posters and absolutely zero cinematic value.

Enough chatter! Come with me on a terrifying journey of death, destruction, torture and mayhem, as we take a look at everything Netflix has to offer this Halloween. Please keep your hands and feet inside the car at all times, and mind your head if you don’t want to lose it!