Halloween Kills BTS Photos Offer New Look At Tommy Doyle And Lindsey Wallace


Production on Halloween Kills recently wrapped, meaning the second outing of Blumhouse’s Michael Myers trilogy is now in the can. Following the conclusion of filming on the movie, two new behind the scenes images have surfaced that give us a taste of what fans can expect from the sequel. And that’s even more returning characters from the original 1978 film as well as a visit to a location from the franchise’s past

As shared by HalloweenMovies.com, the first of the two pics features a shot of a monitor upon which is a glimpse at three familiar faces from Halloween past – Marion Chambers (Nancy Stephens), Tommy Doyle (Anthony Michael Hall) and Lindsey Wallace (Kyle Richards). The second is set in Haddonfield Memorial Hospital, with director David Gordon Green shown fooling around in one of the beds.

See for yourself below:

We previously got our first look at Hall as Tommy via a brief clip from the teaser trailer that arrived on October 31st. He’s the only one of the three actors seen in the first photo above though who wasn’t involved in the first film.

Stephens is, of course, returning for the fourth time as Marion, a nurse who used to work with Dr. Loomis. She was killed in Halloween: H20 but that movie isn’t canon anymore. This is Richards’ first time reprising Lindsey, meanwhile, and she was originally one of Laurie’s young charges in the 1978 flick.

And as for Haddonfield Memorial Hospital, it’s obviously a prominent location in Halloween II, with Michael stalking Laurie through the medical establishment when she was being treated for her wounds. The Kills teaser showed that Laurie will return to the hospital in the film as well, so we might get a callback to the events of HII in Kills.

In any case, we know that Halloween Kills is due to arrive on October 16th. Halloween Ends, which promises to conclude the Laurie/Myers saga one way or another, will then follow in October 2021.