Halloween Kills Reveals First Look At Anthony Michael Hall’s Tommy Doyle

Halloween 2018

Yesterday, Jamie Lee Curtis decided to treat (not trick) her fans to their first look at Halloween KillsThe 20-second teaser came as a surprise as filming is still ongoing on Blumhouse’s follow-up to their smash-hit 2018 rebootquel of the franchise. Though it was quite short, the footage gave us some good hints at what’s to come. Including our first look at the return of Tommy Doyle, now played by Anthony Michael Hall.

At the 0:05 mark (see below), you can see a brief shot of Hall filming a scene as Tommy, armed with a baseball bat. It seems that, like his former babysitter Laurie Strode, Tommy is ready to face Michael Myers again.

Hall was actually a bit of a controversial casting as Tommy. A lot of fans wanted Brian Andrews to be invited back to reprise the role he first played as a child in 1978’s original. Failing that, there was much speculation that Paul Rudd could return after portraying Tommy in 1995’s Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers. Rudd was actually approached but had scheduling conflicts with the new Ghostbusters film.

Still, a cult favorite from his numerous roles in 80s classics like The Breakfast Club and Weird Science, Hall is a great addition to the cast and is a good pick to be the latest actor to bring Tommy to life. In Curse, Tommy had grown up to become obsessed with Michael Myers’ motives for his crimes. Given that this sequel and all the rest are non-canon now, it remains to be seen how Tommy has matured in HK. 

This teaser also gave us a good idea of how Michael escaped Laurie’s flaming house at the end of the previous movie. One shot at 0:14 sees the Shape standing on the building’s porch with some sort of tool in his hand, suggesting that he managed to use it to get himself out of Laurie’s bunker. The people of Haddonfield likely won’t be prepared when the killer returns to wreak more havoc when Halloween Kills hits cinemas on October 16th.