Halloween Kills Director Explains Meaning Of Each Death In New BTS Video

halloween kills

With the premiere of Halloween Kills mere hours away for some fans, the film is the talk of the horror community, and for good reason. With the Blumhouse premiere of Halloween happening in 2018, and as a direct follow up to the events of the first Halloween film in 1978, it feels like we’ve been waiting to see the continuation of Myers’ storyline for a lifetime.

Over the last two days, Universal Pictures has been sharing behind-the-scenes looks at what goes into making a film like Halloween Kills. Director David Gordon Green shared more about the kills within the film and how the cast and crew view them.

The BTS look begins with the videographer asking Green if he gets sad when they’ve got to kill cast members, and his response is as perfect as you’d expect.

”Depends on who we’re killing.”

Green goes on to share that the kills are all characters themselves. Myers has a sense of humor with how he kills, and the manner of the deaths truly depends on who he’s killing. Gordon says they sometimes want gore and brutal deaths, while others happen more with a ‘wink’.

The video shows that those on set are just as aware and appreciative of the notion that Myers has a style to the way he kills, even when it is intense.

Halloween Kills hits theaters on Friday, October 15th, and will also be available on Peacock for those who wish to stream the movie at home.