Halloween Kills: Extended Cut Coming To Amazon Digital In December

Michael Myers in Halloween Kills

Fans of Halloween Kills may be excited to learn that the extended cut of the film is coming to Amazon Digital next month.

This comes on the heels of Best Buy announcing a Jan. 11, 2022 release date for their Halloween Kills 4K Ultra HD SteelBook release, which we can safely assume will also be the release of its standard physical media releases, reports Bloody Disgusting.

Though no official details have been released, writer-director David Gordon Green teased what an extended version of the movie might include, such as an alternate ending.

Gordon Green explained in an interview with Collider that there was an additional scene that they filmed and was scripted, one that he called “pretty brilliant.” However, he said that he expects an extended version of the film on DVD to contain an extended ending “that’s different and cool.”

“We ended up lifting it when I became more confident of where we’re going to pick up in the next movie; it didn’t feel authentic to where we’re going to go. So we lifted it,” Gordon Green said.

Gordon Green added that although it’s still “part of the movie,” it just didn’t carry the “appropriate momentum” for audiences leading into the third installment of his trilogy next year, Halloween Ends.

A reported additional shot of Michael Myers featuring ’78 star Nick Castle as The Shape was also cut from the theatrical/streaming version, so that cutting room floor clip may yet find its way to the extended cut.

We’ll have to collectively find out together when Halloween Kills: Extended Cut hits Amazon digital on Dec. 13.