Halloween Kills Offers Fresh Glimpse Of ’70s Michael Myers In New Featurette

Halloween Kills

Halloween Kills is the latest stab at the slasher flick featuring one of the genre’s earliest villains, Michael Myers. Indeed, the David Gordon Green-helmed film, which comes out in theaters and on Peacock later this month, has many direct ties to its 1978 John Carpenter-directed original.

Now a new featurette is giving viewers a closer look at some of the flashbacks to the original film that will be utilized in the upcoming sequel to 2018’s Halloween, as reported by Bloody Disgusting.

Halloween Kills is the second installment in a planned trilogy that will serve as a direct follow-up to the John Carpenter original. It will feature the return of Jamie Lee Curtis’s Laurie Strode and side characters like Tommy Doyle, Lindsey Wallace, and Lonnie Elam, who was played in Halloween Kills by Robert Longstreet. We see a glimpse of Elam in the original film during a flashback in which he encounters Michael Myers as a child, as seen in the featurette below:

Notably, the flashback also offers us a glimpse of a younger Michael Myers from the ’70s as well, with his clean-looking jumpsuit and a decidedly well-groomed mask compared to what he wears today. Other recently released clips feature Michael making familiar choices like hunting children and recreating a classic moment that finds him climbing on top of a car to scare the people inside.

Fans are sure to be pleased to see Myers on the screen again when Halloween Kills comes out in theaters and on Peacock on October 15th.