Halloween Kills Reportedly Obliterates Peacock Viewership Records

halloween kills

No offense to NBCUniversal, but Peacock isn’t quite on the top tier of streaming services just yet, with the ‘Big Four’ of Netflix, Prime Video, Disney Plus, HBO Max typically viewed as being a step ahead of the competition, which additionally includes AppleTV+ and Paramount+.

Of course, that could all change dramatically in the future, but for the moment things aren’t looking entirely rosy for Peacock, bar one notable and very murdery exception. Even though parent company Comcast reported an astronomical $520 million loss on the platform in its most recent earnings report, Halloween Kills has unsurprisingly proven to be a smash hit.

The middle chapter in David Gordon Green’s trilogy comfortably set multiple pandemic-era box office records when it debuted to $50 million a couple of weeks back, and it was every bit as popular on streaming. As per The Hollywood Reporter, Michael Myers’ latest outing was “the number one non-live event premiere in Peacock’s history” according to CEO Brian Roberts.

While concrete data isn’t provided, or even a total number of new signups for that matter, the streamer needs to take a win wherever it can get one after losing over half a billion dollars. Many thought that Peacock could cripple Halloween Kills‘ chances of box office success, but the opposite has proven to be true.