Halloween Kills Set Pic Confirms The Return Of Another Classic Character


Fans rejoiced when the news broke that we’d be getting not one but two new Halloween movies over the next few years. Halloween Kills will be released in 2020, with Halloween Ends following a year later. They’re building on the foundation created by Halloween (2018), in which director David Gordon Green and writer Danny McBride reinvigorated the franchise by positioning it as a sequel to the original 1978 classic. I appreciated the reverence that Green and McBride showed for John Carpenter’s original, and it seems the two sequels are set to do the same.

That’s because, in a set picture released today, it’s been confirmed that Charles Cyphers will return as Sheriff Leigh Brackett. Brackett has appeared in Halloween (1978), Halloween II and Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers. He’s got a personal stake in stopping Michael as well, with his daughter Annie having fallen victim to him in an extremely gory kill in the first movie. So, it makes sense that if Michael has returned to Haddonfield, he’d want to get involved.

But he won’t be the only original Halloween actor returning. Aside from Jamie Lee Curtis coming back for more as Laurie Strode, we’ll also see Kyle Richards reprising the role of Lindsey Wallace and Nancy Stephens as Nurse Marion Whittington. Two further classic Halloween characters are also returning. Lonnie Elm (played in the original by Brent Le Page) will be now be played by Robert Longstreet and Anthony Michael Hall will be our new Tommy Doyle (formerly played by Brian Andrews and Paul Rudd).

But there’s another person returning behind-the-scenes who’s equally important: John Carpenter. After his stunning score for Halloween (2018), he’s locked in for the next two films. And honestly, even if these two sequels end up as disappointments, they’ll be worth it for more of those sweet n’ spooky synth sounds.

Source: Twitter