Halloween Kills Star Reacts To Sequel’s Shock Ending

halloween kills

Halloween Kills is now out in theaters at last, and it’s proving controversial with audiences. The sequel definitely lives up to its name and cranks up the body count from its 2018 predecessor, but some think it goes too far in wiping out its supporting cast. While no one will be shocked to find out Jamie Lee Curtis’ Laurie Strode makes it out again, another key character doesn’t. Or at least that’s how it looks. Big spoilers incoming for the movie…

Kills ends with Laurie’s daughter Karen seemingly being killed by Michael Myers. After she bravely leads him into a trap that sees the Haddonfield mob take him down, The Shape proves too hardy to stop and slashes his way through the group, including legacy character Tommy Doyle. Michael then tracks Karen down to his childhood home and stabs her multiple times in his sister’s room, the site of his very first murder.

It’s a grisly and tragic end for Karen, but actress Judy Greer is keeping her fingers crossed that this is just a fakeout and she’ll get to return alongside her on-screen mom and daughter, Andi Matichak, who plays Allyson in next year’s Halloween Ends. Especially because her death was such a late-in-the-day addition to the film. Here’s what Greer had to say when talking about Karen’s apparent demise with ScreenRant:

“I have been told nothing of the sort, but I believe in hope. [Laughs] I’d be so bummed out I don’t get to go and play with everybody, they’re my family now. But I don’t know man, I was sad. When it was time to start getting Halloween Kills together to shoot, David Gordon Green called me, he’s like “I’m gonna send you the new script of the new movie and I’m just gonna tell you right now someone had to go and it’s gonna be you” and I was like “Aww man!” So at least he warned me, which was good. [Laughs]”

Unfortunately, Ends might not be the only threequel Greer isn’t being invited back for. The star recently admitted that Marvel hasn’t contacted her for Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, despite portraying Scott’s ex-wife, Maggie Lang, in the first two. While her MCU role was only a minor turn, though, Karen was a big part of the last two Halloween movies so hopefully Greer’s right and there’s a chance she somehow survived.

Halloween Kills is out in theaters and streaming on Peacock now.