First Halloween Kills Trailer Confirmed To Be On The Way


Blumhouse has been hard at work on Halloween Kills, the second installment in their Laurie Strode/Michael Myers trilogy, and it looks like the studio’s just about ready to share the first look at our next Halloween trip to Haddonfield.

In response to a fan asking about a teaser trailer for the movie on Twitter, producer Jason Blum had some encouraging news, which you can see for yourself down below:

Unfortunately, Blum didn’t go so far as to give us a specific date to look forward to, but his update is an exciting one nonetheless.

2018’s Halloween had its first teaser in June that year, which is still a while away from now, if that’s when the Kills equivalent is going to drop. Blum’s comments seems to suggest this one’s going to land at least a month or so earlier, though. Maybe even as early as April, given his enthusiasm.

In any case, there’s definitely a lot riding on the sequel, with expectations sky high after the 2018 effort stripped away all the mythos that had built up around the franchise, only directly following on from the 1978 original. Kills will strengthen the ties with that first film by bringing back a bunch of characters who starred in it. Kyle Richards, Charles Cyphers and Nancy Stephens are among the Halloween veterans returning, reprising their roles as Lindsey Wallace, former Sheriff Brackett and Marion Chambers, respectively.

Meanwhile, there’s Anthony Michael Hall joining the saga as the latest iteration of Tommy Doyle, who was played by Paul Rudd in Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers and by Brian Andrews as a kid back in ‘78. Nick Castle is once again back as the Shape, too, sharing his role with James Jude Courtney.

Halloween Kills is due to slash into cinemas on October 16th, with Blumhouse serving up the trilogy’s conclusion, Halloween Ends, a year later, in October 2021.