Spooky Fan Posters For The Halloween Sequel Bring Horror Back To Haddonfield


Proving that carefully edited fan posters needn’t be exclusive to Hollywood’s biggest superhero franchises, the folks over at Bloody Disgusting have collected a slew of spooky one-sheets for Halloween. And together, they help bring a little touch of horror back to the streets of Haddonfield.

Because with Michael Myers on the loose and plotting an entirely new murder spree, one that still largely revolves around the Strode family, genre fans are quietly bracing themselves for a blast from the past. And though production has just wrapped, which tells us that it’ll be at least another few weeks before Blumhouse is ready to showcase its wares, this collection of fan-made posters ought to sate your appetite for old-school horror hijinks.

Some place the sole focus on The Shape, while others draw attention to the multi-generational Strode family, which now comprises Laurie (Curtis), Karen (Judy Greer) and Allyson (Andi Matichak).

We’re hoping that creative minds over at Blumhouse conjure up something equally minimal, as it would play into the idea that the Halloween of 2018 is a nostalgic treat from a bygone era. At least, that’s how Nick Castle (Myers) describes the forthcoming sequel:

It’s very neighborhood-centric, you know, like the first one. It feels a lot like [the first film]. There are a lot of things coinciding [in the new film] that feel like clever ways to introduce a kind of déjà vu of the first one, without feeling like it’s being copied. The script had some very clever people working on it.

It’ll also double down on dread rather than gore, which has allowed Halloween to become one of our most-anticipated films of the year. Production has wrapped, too, so the countdown to October 19th is well and truly underway.