New Halloween Set Pic Teases Michael’s Murder Tools


Survivor. Protector.

Two words one would typically ascribe to Laurie Strode, Jamie Lee Curtis’ scream queen who first crossed paths with Michael Myers back in 1978. Now, almost 40 years later, the masked killer is about to stage his second coming and it looks like he’s bringing some new tools to the table.

Shared via producer Jason Blum’s Instagram page, the set photo below shows off a handful of very sharp looking knives, one of which is covered in blood. No doubt it’s just been inside some poor unfortunate victim, courtesy of Mr. Myers, and we’re curious to see how the scene in question plays out on the big screen.

Arriving accompanied with the caption, “Tools of the trade. #MichaelMyersMonday #HalloweenMovie,” the pic can be seen down in the gallery below, along with a number of other Halloween-themed set photos that have been shared online in recent weeks.

Tools of the trade, indeed. Like we mentioned above, of the four knives pictured, only one is smeared in blood, which tells us that Michael Myers is loose in Haddonfield. Not only that, but there’s been a real touch of class to Halloween‘s promotional campaign, given the ways in which it favors subtlety – portraits of Laurie, teasing set photos of Nick Castle…you name it – over generic, in-your-face marketing.

And to strike while the iron is still piping hot, Blumhouse’s long-anticipated sequel has been slated to release this October, when John Carpenter’s original classic will be the toast of film fans all over the world. The horror master is also involved behind the scenes, having agreed to compose the soundtrack alongside his two trusted confidants. That’ll certainly imbue Halloween with a sense of legacy, and at this point, we couldn’t be more excited to see what director David Gordon Green and writer Danny McBride have cooked up for us.

Halloween opens in theaters on October 19th.