Halloween’s Jamie Lee Curtis Never Spoke To The Actor Who Played Michael Myers


Blumhouse’s new Halloween movie is meant to be the most horror-filled entry in the franchise since the very first one in 1978, and with films like these, it’s always interesting to find out if the atmosphere on set reflected the tone of the finished product. According to actor James Jude Courtney, who plays the immortal serial killer Michael Myers, there was certainly an element of that. In fact, throughout the entirety of the movie’s shoot, Jamie Lee Curtis never spoke to him.

During a set visit earlier this year, Courtney explained to EW that he and the film’s leading lady had never interacted. The actor made clear, though, that this wasn’t due to some falling out between them but because of Curtis’ intention to stay in the headspace of Laurie Strode while on set.

“We don’t interact. And I get it. I’ve seen her stand off-ish with me and so I chose to step away, because of the nature of what we’re doing. They let me know that when she gets in in the morning, and she gets the wig on, she’s in character, and she’s in character all day long. That’s her method and so it makes perfect sense to me that she doesn’t really want anything to do with me. She’s gracious and kind on set, and everybody loves her to death, but I don’t anticipate she and I having a conversation ’til this is done.”

That’s fair enough, as I suppose every actor has their own methods. And, in this case, you can see why Jamie Lee Curtis would prefer to cut herself off from the man who’s playing the killer who torments her throughout the film. There’s a lot of intense emotions she has to convey that Laurie has for Michael, so it’d be easier if she didn’t have a pally relationship with the man beneath the mask when the cameras are off.

Courtney went on to say much the same to EW, explaining that he has a lot of love for her performance in the movie and wanted to respect her wishes when it came to staying in character.

“I just want her to have her space because, man, what we’re doing, it’s intense stuff. And for her to be in the place that she’s in — I’m the predator, she’s got a massive range of emotions to deal with and a whole history. I really love watching her work. But I watch her at a distance or I watch her on monitors. I try not to get too close to her.”

In the months since filming wrapped, hopefully Courtney and Curtis got to chew the fat once they were out of costume. If not, then they’ll get another opportunity to do so when production kicks off on the expected sequel.

Halloween, meanwhile, is just days away from slashing its way into theaters, as it arrives on October 19th.

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