New Halloween Sequel Already In Development


The new Halloween isn’t even out yet, but Blumhouse’s hopes are so high that they’re reportedly already working on a sequel to the upcoming 40th anniversary slasher that reunites Jamie Lee Curtis’ Laurie Strode with her eternal tormentor (but not her brother this time) Michael Myers.

Bloody Disgusting’s claiming that “sources” tell them that the horror studio has already hired an unknown writer to begin penning the script for the sequel. Halloween‘s director and writer team, David Gordon Green and Danny McBride, are apparently unlikely to be involved with the follow-up, but that could change.

BD goes on to speculate that Blumhouse is planning to get the sequel out in time for next October. They remind us that filming on 2018’s Halloween only began in January and was done just a few months later, so it’s entirely possible that the studio will polish off the script in the next few months and get it before the cameras in the new year.

This fits with what we’ve heard before from Jason Blum himself. He seemed very enthused about the idea of making more Halloween movies, telling EW that he was “100%” interested in expanding the iconic franchise further. It makes sense, too, as Blumhouse have already found great success with their original series like Paranormal Activity and Insidious. As such, a reboot of an established one like Halloween should prove to be highly lucrative for them.

And it looks as if this upcoming effort will certainly be a hit, with box office predictions saying 2018’s Halloween will reach a series high with a $45 million opening. No wonder the studio’s already working on a sequel. Let’s just hope they’re not going to call it Halloween 2, as that would then mean we have three of them.