Halloween Star Explains How The Film Will Handle An Aged Michael Myers


40 years have passed since Michael Myers first terrorized Jamie Lee Curtis’ Laurie Strode in the original iconic slasher flick, Halloween. But now that he’s coming home again, how will the age’ing 60-something-year-old be able to stalk his prey without having to have a little sit down in the process?

Easy. Actor and stuntman Nick Castle, the man mountain who portrayed the original Myers, has since returned to the role to bring a sense of authenticity and connection to the original, though he’ll still share the part with fellow actor and stuntman, James Jude Courtney.

Somewhat wisely ignoring all but the first film in the franchise, the sequel finds Michael incarcerated in a mental institution for the crimes he committed long ago on that fateful night. But, perhaps unsurprisingly, he breaks out with only one thing one his mind: revenge.

Instead of being a decrepit old man though as you’d expect, Courtney told Halloween Movies in a recent interview that his imprisonment has not diminished Michael’s power at all over the years. In fact, it’s had quite the opposite effect, as “he’s a bad motherfucker.”

On how Michael’s remained such a force whilst being holed up in a loony bin for four decades, Courtney mused:

“…Myers has become more powerful. He’s defying death. He’s defying any type of restrictive condition so to me, from my perspective, what Nick created has just gotten stronger.”

It sounds like they’ll be staying pretty loyal to the original here, and the idea of returning to the film’s slasher roots has already intrigued horror fans. Much has been made of director David Gordon Green and co. doing away with the detail that Michael was Laurie Strode’s brother all along, too. So if you’re looking for continuity in that regard, then just keep on looking.

Halloween stars Jamie Lee Curtis, Judy Greer and Andi Matichak and makes its way to theaters on October 19th.

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