Han Solo Set Photo Offers A Glimpse At Lando In Hyperspace

Since taking over from Phil Lord and Chris Miller, Han Solo director Ron Howard has been very open with fans, sharing many tantalizing shots from the set on social media. Today brings with it another snap, and this time, he’s teasing the Millennium Falcon entering hyperspace.

The image shows the iconic hyperspace visual effect projected onto a curved screen, while the two monitors in front depict footage from inside the ship. That’s definitely Lando on the left, with another character on the right that we can’t quite make out. The scene seems to show Lando at the controls though, reminding us that he used to own the Falcon before Han won the spaceship off him in a card game. Presumably, we’ll get to see this moment played out on screen in the movie.

This image follows on from another that Howard shared recently which gave us our first look at Donald Glover in character as Lando. Just as in that image, it can be seen that Calrissian will have an outlandish, garish fashion sense in the movie, as he’s wearing a bright yellow jacket in the shot – which was teased in a previous photo that Howard posted on Twitter, which asked fans to guess which character a rail of brightly-coloured jackets belonged to.

The director’s caption – Hyperspace is real. My first experience. Wow. –  also demonstrates his clear love for the Star Wars franchise, which should serve to convince people that he’s the right person to helm this movie. If that duo of Academy Award gongs sitting on his shelf wasn’t enough, that is.

With nothing about Han Solo coming out of D23, these set photos that Howard’s posting will likely be our only glimpse at the movie for a few months yet. After Star Wars: The Last Jedi arrives this December, though, the publicity campaign will likely ramp up ahead of the prequel’s release on May 25th, 2018.