Happy Death Day Director Helming New Netflix Ghost Story

Happy Death Day 2U
Photo via Blumhouse Productions

Christopher Landon has worked in many different genres throughout his career, but he’s still best known for his contributions to the horror genre, most notably the Paranormal Activity franchise. The filmmaker has written every installment except the first one, and that even extends to the upcoming Paramount+ exclusive, while he also directed The Marked Ones.

For the most part, though, his efforts behind the camera have tended to offer a winning blend of gore and humor. Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse received mixed reviews from critics, but his subsequent slasher comedies have fared much better from both a critical and commercial perspective, with both of the Happy Death Day movies and body swap tale Freaky reinventing standard tropes with plenty of style and smarts.

However, Landon is venturing outside of his comfort zone for his next film, having just kicked off production on Netflix’s We Have a Ghost. The pitch was initially set up at Legendary back in 2017, but it’s since migrated over to streaming and offers a change of pace from the 46 year-old’s typical oeuvre.

There’s no official word yet on if it follows the plot that was originally announced, which sees a ghost called Ernest become a viral sensation after the owner of the house he haunts begins filming his antics. The homeowner ends up holding a series of paid dinner parties to cash in on his newfound asset, before Ernest and a high school senior go missing and send his plans into chaos.

A high concept supernatural mystery sounds like a unique and interesting proposition, and given Landon’s track record, We Have a Ghost is something definitely worth keeping an eye on as filming continues.