New Paranormal Activity Movie Will Release On Paramount+ By The End Of The Year

Paranormal Activity

It may have suffered significantly from the law of diminishing returns, which is to be expected when the franchise churned out six installments in eight years all based on a concept that was pretty flimsy to begin with, but Paranormal Activity will always remain one of the most profitable brands in the history of cinema after earning a combined total of over $890 million at the box office on production costs that didn’t even reach $30 million.

We haven’t seen any supernatural found footage shenanigans from Blumhouse since The Ghost Dimension was released in 2015, but that’s set to change a lot sooner than initially expected. The seventh Paranormal Activity was originally dated for a March 2021 debut before being pushed back twelve months as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic, but as you can see below, it’s now rumored to hit Paramount+ by the end of the year.

Paranormal Activity

The next chapter in the saga was announced for a small screen debut in February, with Paramount+ already setting out its stall in the streaming wars by pulling Mark Wahlberg’s blockbuster sci-fi Infinite from multiplexes and premiering it in just seven weeks, while the platform plans to unveil an original movie every single week, as well as adding the likes of A Quiet Place Part II and Mission: Impossible 7 to the content library 45 days after they arrive in theaters.

Underwater‘s William Eubank is helming the latest Paranormal Activity with a script by franchise regular Christopher Landon, who wrote the second, third and fourth entries before pulling double duty directing the fifth. That’s a solid combination of talent, and you can guarantee that Paramount+ has no intention of giving up on the franchise any time soon as the streamer builds its in-house roster of big name properties.