A Happy Endings Movie Could Happen Thanks To A Very Wealthy Fan


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As an undying fan of David Caspe’s tragically unseen sitcom Happy Endings, I know as much as the next person how tough rumors regarding a revival can be, because none have yet to actually yield dependable results. The newest in the line surrounds an anonymous – and apparently very wealthy – fan of the series who reached out to Caspe and offered to fund an entire Happy Endings feature film.

In a brief interview, Casey Wilson, who played Penny Hartz on the show, commented on the potential “interest” of a private investor turning the fan-favorite sitcom into a movie.

“There’s interest,” Wilson told Entertainment Tonight. “Someone even called my husband [David Caspe], who created it, and basically said, ‘I’m a private investor, I would love to pay for a movie,’” Wilson added. “We were like, ‘okay’… now private citizens are coming off the streets!”

As these things go, nothing is solidified yet, and there’s no confirmation if the mysterious stranger would be able to put their money where their mouth is. As Wilson put it, “the funds have not sizzled in our account yet.” The actress delivers the news with a light humor, which may mean she was simply using it as an example of the fan’s steadfast love for the show and it might not be as serious a proposal as it reads on paper.

Let’s hope it is though. Airing from 2011 until 2013 on ABC, Happy Endings had a simple set-up of a group of friends palling around Chicago, but its endearing characters and rapid-fire sense of humor created a show that’s compulsively re-watchable. Hence its second lease on life currently fueling new fans’ discovery of the series on Hulu.

Although most cast members found new roles in separate shows, they were as short-lived as Happy Endings, so maybe – just maybe – the stars will finally align this year.

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