Harmony Korine Is Writing A Gangster Pic Which May Star Robert Pattinson


Ever since Twilight, Robert Pattinson has set about creating a truly intriguing filmography for a star his age. Already, the talented actor has worked with two extremely talented directors, David Cronenberg and David Michôd, on three thought-provoking films (Cosmopolis and Maps to the Stars with Cronenberg, and The Rover with Michôd). Next up, he’ll appear in films by Werner Herzog (Queen of the Desert), Anton Corbijn (Life), Olivier Assayas (Idol’s Eye), Brady Corbet (The Childhood of a Leader) and James Marsh (Hold on to Me).

Now, we’re hearing that Pattinson has added another appealing provocateur to his list of future projects – the star will be teaming with Spring Breakers writer-director Harmony Korine for a Miami-set gangster movie. Details are sparse, but Korine mentioned in 2013 that he was working on a “Southern Gothic crime family picture,” which is likely also his Pattinson collaboration.

Apparently, Pattinson’s collaboration with Korine came about when the actor “cold-called” the director “and met him for dinner.” A bold move, to be sure, but one Pattinson is reportedly getting more comfortable with. The actor has certainly established the future path of his career – since Twilight wrapped up, he’s been steering away from the rabid fandom that franchise gave him, focusing instead on working with talented auteurs on out-of-the-box projects. Korine, one of the most interesting and distinctive helmers in the biz today, certainly checks that box.

“I’ve literally only done jobs which interest me,” Pattinson recently told Esquire. “There have been two which I auditioned for and didn’t get, but other than that,” Pattinson has been keeping his name out of talks for big franchises. As far as multi-film commitments go, Pattinson said he’s had, “a couple of offers, but with those things, if you express any interest, you have to do a screen test or whatever, and they make you sign a six-picture deal before you even know what the part is. It’s crazy. And I didn’t grow up reading comic books and stuff, so…”

It’s admirable that an actor as immediately categorized as a heartthrob as Pattinson is vigorously trying to shrug off that label. As his Twilight co-star Taylor Lautner can likely attest, it’s not much fun to be offered work based on physical traits as opposed to acting ability. Working with Korine will certainly help Pattinson to keep his career 0n an intriguing and dramatically fruitful track.

Source: Esquire