Harrison Ford Could Return For Blade Runner 2


Ridley Scott has been talking about a Blade Runner 2 ever since he made the first Blade Runner; at least, it seems that way. But what with directing scripts by Cormac McCarthy and confusing us all with prequels to Alien, he’s just been far to busy to actually get a Blade Runner 2 going. Now it appears that Scott might actually be moving on his Blade Runner sequel, and a certain old friend may be joining him in the endeavor.

One of the big questions surrounding Blade Runner 2 is whether or not Harrison Ford’s character Rick Deckard from the original film will return, even if only for cameo. With Ford admittedly a bit long in the tooth to run around punching things and romancing Sean Young, it seems that there’s a chance he’ll be back. Ford recently told IGN (via Screen Crush) that he’d been talking about Blade Runner 2 with Scott.

It’s a small item, but an intriguing one. Scott has commented that Ford might be too old to take on the lead role in Blade Runner 2, but that does not rule out a cameo. Ford’s still going strong, after all, even if his return as Indiana Jones was less than stellar. He’s popping up in Ender’s Game and The Expendables 3, so why not return for Blade Runner 2?

This is all speculation of course; there’s no saying that Blade Runner 2 will ever see the light of day. There is a script from original writer Hampton Francher that’s now being rewritten by Michael Green (Green Lantern), so that’s at least hopeful. Scott has a tendency to let his projects gestate for a long time, though. This could be awhile.

Would you be into seeing Ford return to his original Blade Runner role? Will Blade Runner 2 ever make it to the cineplex? Let us know what you think in the comments below.