Harrison Ford’s Indiana Jones Fedora Sells For Over $300,000

indiana jones

Harrison Ford might not be donning the iconic fedora of Indiana Jones for a while after being sidelined by the recurrence of an old shoulder injury during stunt rehearsals that’s ruled him out of shooting on the fifth installment for at least a few weeks, but a fan with plenty of disposable income now has one of the adventurer’s hats to call their very own.

The screen-worn headgear was initially estimated to fetch $250,000 at auction, which is an insane amount of money to pay for some fabric that once sat on Ford’s head, but it ended up selling for over $300,000. The fedora was from Temple of Doom as well, so you can only imagine how much it would have gone for had it been a Raiders of the Lost Ark vintage.

Jack Nicholson’s purple fedora from Tim Burton’s Batman sold not that long ago for $50,000, but the winning bid for Indy’s bonnet blew that total right out of the water. If it isn’t the single most expensive hat on the planet, then it’s got to be pretty damn close. Of course, whoever stumped up the cash likely isn’t going to be wearing it when they go grocery shopping, but then again, if you’ve got that kind of money to throw around then you can do whatever the hell you want and nobody’s going to stop you.

It’s even a little cruelly ironic that a slew of Indiana Jones props and paraphernalia are being sold off while the next chapter in the long-running series is on ice, with the auction taking place as director James Mangold and his cast and crew spin their wheels waiting to find out when the leading man is going to get the all-clear to return to action and start cracking that whip again.