Indiana Jones 5 Shuts Down Production For 6 Weeks Due To Harrison Ford Injury

indiana jones

Harrison Ford might be in great shape for a man of his age, but nobody can outrun Father Time forever. When news broke that the 78-year-old had injured his shoulder rehearsing a fight scene for Indiana Jones 5, the internet held its collective breath.

Disney and Lucasfilm released a statement confirming that the veteran star had suffered a mishap preparing for one of the blockbuster sequel’s action sequences, but did add that director James Mangold and the crew would work around the leading man’s absence as best they could. This is admittedly a tricky task when Ford is the main character, driving force, and selling point of the entire project.

However, insider Grace Randolph has now claimed that the entire production could be set to shut down for around six weeks as Ford recuperates, which comes in the wake of several outlets reporting that the Star Wars legend may require surgery for what’s said to be the re-aggravation of a previous injury.

If Indiana Jones 5 is forced to go on hiatus, then there’s a big chance the release date could end up getting pushed back. After all, with the greatest respect for Harrison Ford, six weeks is a lot of time to make up when it comes to a big budget action movie. In addition, the actor turns 79 in just a few weeks, so it would be unwise for him to hit the ground running whenever his shoulder has fully healed.

That being said, Mission: Impossible – Fallout released right on schedule after facing a similar shutdown when Tom Cruise broke his ankle, so Indiana Jones 5 may well arrive on July 28th of next year as planned.