Photo of Harry Styles’ Eternals Cameo May Have Just Leaked—But Fans Aren’t Sure


With Marvel’s Eternals having its world premiere this week, a major spoiler for the incoming Marvel film has got out and it’s now unavoidable news. But if you’ve somehow missed it up until now, this is the time to look away. Harry Styles is believed to appear in the movie’s post-credits scene, which reveals that the One Direction frontman is joining the MCU as Eros, AKA Starfox.

We know this because several critics who’ve already seen Chloe Zhao’s Marvel debut blabbed about his shocking cameo on social media. To date, though, his scene has yet to leak online. That said, what could well be an image taken from his part in Eternals is circulating online. The only thing is that Marvel fans can’t make up their minds whether it’s genuine or not.

You can see the image yourself below, which depicts Styles wearing a very Eternals-like costume. But the biggest question lingers: Is it a bonafide leak, or is it just a very good photoshopped fake?

The Redditors debating the issue over on this thread have come up with a few reasons why it might be a fake. One believes this is an altered screenshot of Styles in Dunkirk. Another thinks that the white and gold color scheme of his costume would be way too close to Angelina Jolie’s Thena. Similarly, one Redditor who claims to have seen the film says Styles wears an all-red uniform during his cameo. A red outfit would make more sense given Eros’ comic book design.

Then again, another photo posted on Reddit appears to show Styles in an outfit with red sleeves. So theoretically, this leak lines up with the claim.

Of course, without any official confirmation from Marvel, fans can only take the photos above with a grain of salt. Don’t hold your breath on a confirmation, either; the Mouse House is notoriously secretive about its MCU films, down to sending a man in a trench coat to swap out script rewrites with actors.

Eros/Starfox is a key character in the comics. For one, he’s Thanos’ brother, but at this stage we’re not sure if the Mad Titan’s connection to the Eternals is being retained for the MCU. Eros is generally a hero, though his power—he can make people fall in love with him—has resulted in some distasteful storylines over the years and might be hard to accept in the post-#MeToo era. So we’ll have to see how Styles’ character is adapted for the screen.

Eternals hits theaters on Nov. 5.