Has The Villain For Spider-Man’s Solo Film Been Revealed?


Here’s some interesting news. According to Devin Faraci over at Birth.Movies.Death, one of the villains of Jon Watts’ Spider-Man solo film, which may or may not end up being called Spider-Man: Homecoming, is going to be Vulture. It’s unclear yet whether he’ll be the primary antagonist or just pop up for a few scenes (though Faraci is leaning towards the latter), but apparently he’ll definitely be involved somehow.

Originally an electronic engineer, Adrian Toomes aka The Vulture built a flight harness which allowed him to fly and gave him superhuman strength. The character hasn’t appeared in any Spidey films as of yet, but he was being considered by Sam Raimi for Spider-Man 4, which obviously never happened.


If he does indeed end up appearing in Watts’ movie, it’ll definitely be a good decision on the studio’s part. Going with a villain that hasn’t been used before is smart, as it will further help this version of the webslinger stand out from the previous ones – which Marvel obviously wants to do at this stage.

Not only that, but The Vulture should make for a formidable opponent for Spidey and, as Birth.Death.Movies points out, the fact that he’s an “aerial enemy” should get the titular hero swinging around quite a bit, which could make for some very exciting fight scenes.

The only thing that we can see going wrong here is that if the Vulture isn’t the main villain, and there are going to be other antagonists involved, we just hope that the film doesn’t end up throwing too many opponents at Spidey, like previous entries in the franchise have.

Tell us, if Faraci is correct, are you happy to hear that the Vulture will feature in the solo Spider-Man film, or would you have preferred to see another villain go up against Peter Parker? Drop a comment below and let us know.