Hasbro Unveils New Fierce-Looking Venom And Carnage Action Figures


Even though Sony’s track record with Marvel movies has been spotty at best, Venom remains one of my most anticipated comic book flicks to be released in 2018. I mean, they can’t do any worse than Spider-Man 3, right? Not to take anything away from Topher Grace because I loved him on That 70’s Show and most of the blame can be placed on the studio, but many of you will probably agree with me in saying that Tom Hardy is a better fit for the character of Eddie Brock.

All that aside, one of the major talking points surrounding the upcoming film is whether or not Carnage will be included. Personally, I’m hoping that he is, mostly due to the fact that having him appear in live action is long overdue.

Having said that, it’s hard not to notice how Hasbro is pushing Venom and Carnage figures pretty hard ahead of the theatrical release. Of course, this doesn’t mean Cletus Kasady will be showing up, but it’s just kind of funny how he’s being paired with Venom for three different toy designs, even if they’re based on looks offered in the comic books.

Of course, toy lines have been known to spoil certain plot details, especially anything made by LEGO. Then again, it’s important we not forget the summer of 2008 which saw Titanium Man be included in the line for Iron Man and Deathstroke in the one supporting The Dark Knight. Neither of those characters showed up in those respective films and that’s why we ask you not get your hopes up, but again, what we’re talking about today is modeled after comics.

In the gallery above, you can find three different examples that we alluded to: A two-pack containing six-inch figures of Venom and Carnage, set to retail for $19.99; two badass, highly articulated six-inch toys set to be included in the hallowed Marvel Legends Series, each containing a part for a Build-A-Figure, retailing at $19.99 a piece; and two sleeker, less detailed 12-inch figures from the Titan Heroes Series that’ll go for $9.99 each.

Venom arrives in theaters on October 5. The figures we’ve discussed, meanwhile, will be proudly displayed Toy Fair in mid-February before being released sometime in the fall.