Hasbro’s Star Wars: The Last Jedi Toys Give Us New Looks At Rey And DJ


Toy aficionados will already be aware of the quality of Hasbro’s Black Series, a reputation that’s only going to be enhanced with the release of their Star Wars: The Last Jedi line. These toys famously use a face-scanning technology to ensure that the characters’ faces are as accurate to the actors that play them as possible. Revealed at the New York Comic-Con, this new set of toys not only gives collectors something to start saving up for, but also provides a closer look at some of the folks we’ll be seeing in the film.

Most interesting is the DJ figure. Aside from a couple of promo photos, we haven’t seen too much of Benicio Del Toro’s grimy and shady character in the Star Wars universe. John Boyega let slip in an interview with EW though that he’s a “slicer,” the galactic equivalent of a computer hacker, and he’s also said to be morally ambiguous, as willing to work for the First Order as he is the Resistance. Taking a closer look at the toy here, one eagle-eyed fan even managed to translate the writing on his headband, which reads “Don’t Join” – but don’t join who?

We also get another look at Rey in both her Force Awakens outfit, complete with quarterstaff and blaster, and her Jedi training outfit that we’ve seen in The Last Jedi trailers. Additionally, there are also classic figures for Lando Calrissian (in Jabba’s Palace gear), 4-Lom, Dengar, Finn, Phasma and Maz Kanata, among others.

The Lando, 4-Lom and Dengar figures will be released in time for Christmas this year, with the DJ and Rey figures arriving in early 2018. There’s no confirmation as to when the rest of the toys will be on shelves, but I’d expect them to be released in batches throughout the course of next year.

Of course, you can see the non-plastic versions of most of these characters doing their stuff on December 15th, when Star Wars: The Last Jedi opens big.