Haunting New Trailer For Personal Shopper Finds Kristen Stewart Stalked By A Ghost


With each year that passes, Cannes Film Festival unearths a movie that is divisive to its core, attracting knee-jerk reviews that range from rapturous applause to scathing negativity. Personal Shopper was one such film. Though we found the Olivier Assayas-directed thriller to be largely entertaining and inventive – you’ll find reviews from both Cannes and TIFF in the archives – there are those who pigeonholed Assayas’ paranormal pic early on for breaking course from genre conventions, among other criticisms.

But c’est la vie; in anticipation of the movie’s theatrical release early next year, IFC Films has conjured up a spooky new trailer in which Kristen Stewart’s lead, Maureen, is haunted by a supernatural force that she believes could be her late brother. You see, while housed up in Paris, before his passing Maureen and her sibling made a pact that whomever died first would attempt to make contact from the other side – presuming there is one.

Low and behold, Stewart becomes a ghost whisperer in the French capital, but as Personal Shopper unfolds our fearless lead slowly begins to realize that there is greater danger at hand. Mystery and intrigue ensues and, as both of our reviews pointed out, Assayas’ feature can very much be considered a slow-burner, deftly drawing its audience into a dark, supernatural plot as we become attached to Stewart’s woman in grief.

IFC Films is the distributor attached to Personal Shopper and has earmarked Olivier Assayas’ arthouse thriller for release on March 10, 2017 in North America. No mention of other territories just yet, but we’ll keep you posted as more information comes to light.

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