Is Hawkeye On A Search For The Soul Stone In Avengers: Infinity War?


Going into Avengers: Infinity War, fans have a lot of questions, but two of the most pressing are where’s Hawkeye and just who has the Soul Stone? The answers to both those have been hard to come by, with only speculation and theories to hang onto as we eagerly await the film’s release. But tonight,’s put forth an interesting idea, asking us what if they’re connected?

Yes, the outlet speculates that Mr. Clint Barton may actually be on the search for the Soul Stone. After all, the Russos teased earlier this week that Hawkeye would be on his “own journey” in the film, perhaps hinting that he’s on some kind of secret mission to retrieve the much sought after item.

This is purely speculation for now, but as points out, we already know that some of Infinity War will take place in Japan, thanks to set photos that surfaced last year. So, what if the Soul Stone’s located there and Hawkeye’s sent to retrieve it. Or simply goes after it on his own, perhaps motivated by a tragic loss?

After all, we’ve heard rumors in the past that Clint’s family may fall victim to Thanos, so what if that spurs the fan favorite to adopt his Ronin persona and seek out the last Infinity Stone, to make sure it doesn’t end up in the Mad Titan’s hands? How exactly it’d end up in Japan in the first place is obviously unknown, but perhaps Hawkeye does indeed acquire it. That’d give him a reason to reunite with his fellow Avengers and suddenly, he’d be pulled back into the picture.

Again, chalk all this up as speculation for now as we really don’t know anything about what Barton will be up to yet. His role is being kept very secretive and obviously, there’s something big in store for him. A plot tying into the Soul Stone would certainly be interesting, and give Hawkeye an important part to play in the proceedings, but we really won’t know for sure until Avengers: Infinity War arrives on April 27th.