Jeremy Renner Shares New Avengers 4 Set Photo From His Final Day


The Avengers 4 reshoots are beginning to round the final corner.

Case in point: Jeremy Renner’s latest Instagram post reveals that the Hawkeye actor is currently in the process of filming his final day on the set, though his hashtags and caption were intentionally vague – not that you can blame him, as Marvel Studios is likely keeping a close eye on all forms of MCU communication to safeguard the Avengers 4 story.

The photo itself is just a selfie of Jeremy Renner preparing to step onto the Marvel lot, though it appears to confirm Hawkeye’s slick new haircut (and transformation into Ronin, perhaps?) in anticipation of the 2019 crossover. Also, the ‘missing my A6’ hashtag refers to the commemorative group tattoo that’s shared by all core members of The Avengers – all expect Mark Ruffalo.

On set preparing for last day! #hawkeye #stretching #marvel #backATit #missingmyA6

As for what these reshoots entail, well, it’s difficult to put a finger on it. For one, Avengers 4 is perhaps the most secretive Marvel project to date – no trailer, no titlenada – while MCU veteran Mark Ruffalo recently admitted that the fourth Avengers movie is still a fluid, ever-evolving juggernaut, which tells us that Joe and Anthony Russo will continue to tweak and fine-tune their 2019 blockbuster right up until the very last moment.

It’s likely part of Marvel’s plan to throw everyone off the scent, as Infinity War‘s marketing strategy included trailer misdirects and other clever ploys to ensure no one – and we really mean no one – was able to guess the outcome of the studio’s biggest mash-up.

Of course, that trophy is about to be passed onto Avengers 4, which opens big on May 3rd, 2019.

Source: Instagram