HBO Looking Into A Deadwood Movie


Don’t get too excited just yet, folks, but it’s being reported that HBO is in very early talks to potentially put together a Deadwood movie, which, of course, would be based on David Milch’s critically acclaimed show that was brought to an end in 2006.

The commotion all began when actor Garret Dillahunt Tweeted the following earlier this week:

“So uh…I’m hearing credible rumors about a #Deadwood movie.”

While unconfirmed at first, HBO has now gone on the record to state that yes, they are in very early talks with Milch but right now, it’s nothing more than a “preliminary conversation.” What this means isn’t exactly certain, but it’s nice to hear that the wheels are beginning to turn and that the idea is being floated around.

It makes sense that this would pop up now, too, given that the show’s star, Timothy Olyphant, is finished with his commitment to Justified and likely has more time on his schedule than he would have had several years ago. Olyphant’s co-star, and arguably the highlight of Deadwood, Ian McShane, would also be easy to bring back, as he’s now working on Game of Thrones for the network.

Again though, let’s not get too excited. There’s still a long way to go before this becomes a reality. All we can do for now is simply cross our fingers and hope that all parties involved are able to make it work.

Tell us, would you like to see a Deadwood movie? If so, what direction would you want them to go with it? Sound off below and let us know!