HBO Max Added 12 New Horror Movies Today


If you still need to live in self-isolation, you’ve probably been enjoying an above-average amount of your favorite (or least favorite, we won’t judge you) movies and TV shows. After several months like this, you may be starting to think about finding more productive things to do by your lonesome self like exercise, cleaning or learning new skills. Put those plans away though, because WarnerMedia just added 12 new horror movies to its brand new HBO Max streaming service, bringing the fledgling platform’s roster of chillers and creature features to well over 120 in the first week since its launch.

The big hitters among these acquisitions include Tobe Hooper’s sensual sci-fi vampire cult hit Lifeforce and its fellow staple of blood-sucker cinema, From Dusk till Dawn. Both will be intimately familiar to seasoned veterans of the horror genre, and both should be of high priority to any prospective fans trying to break in.

Other notable titles include An American Werewolf in London to counterbalance the vampire movies and the first four Final Destination films making their return to the realm of streaming since leaving their former homes at Netflix this past May. If none of those click with you either, then you may want to turn your attention to The Hunger, Lights Out, Misery and Tim Burton’s The Corpse Bride, which round out the deadly dozen of new films streaming on HBO Max as of this week.

The platform’s 7-day free trial should be ample time for those in isolation to get through all these movies, but if not, consumers can have its entire library at their fingertips for a subscription fee of $14.99 a month for those who want to binge their catalog from dusk till dawn.