HBO Max Reportedly Want A Ben Affleck Batman Movie, But The Ball’s In His Court

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Even before it was confirmed that Ben Affleck would be returning to the DCEU as The Flash‘s second Batman alongside Michael Keaton, there had already been plenty of speculation that the 48 year-old was being lined up for a comeback. The combination of the Justice League Snyder Cut getting the green light and The Flash opening up the multiverse looks set to dramatically alter the future of the franchise, and many fans have been hoping that Affleck would remain involved.

Warner Bros.’ parent company AT&T teased that they were interested in seeing the Academy Award winner finally make his version of The Batman, while recent developments surrounding the DCEU have made it clear that Robert Pattinson’s rebooted Caped Crusader exists in a completely different corner of the mythology from the grizzled veteran Dark Knight we first met in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice.

The fact that Affleck, Keaton and Pattinson are all going to appear as the same character in blockbuster movies within eight months of each other also indicates that the studio have no issues with overlapping Batman projects, and the latest rumor claims that HBO Max are gauging the Triple Frontier star’s interest in sticking around for a while longer, as you can see below.

Obviously, this information should be taken with a pinch of salt, but Affleck might very well feel he has unfinished business with Batman, having originally been set to co-write and direct a standalone movie before the Justice League debacle and concerns over his personal health saw him retire from the role entirely.

Having been convinced to end his self-imposed exile for The Flash, if Affleck gets bitten by the Batman bug once more when he suits up again, he could find himself tempted to finally headline the solo outing he was originally singed on for should an offer come his way.

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