HBO Max Reportedly Wants To Do More With Ben Affleck’s Batman


At the beginning of this year, we had no hope of seeing Ben Affleck’s Batman again. Now, we have two upcoming projects set to feature the actor in the cape and cowl. One is Zack Snyder’s Justice League, the original version of the team-up movie shot back in 2016/2017, and the second is The Flash, which will bring Affleck back properly opposite Ezra Miller’s Barry Allen. It suddenly doesn’t seem that unlikely that we could get even more beyond these two projects.

There’ve certainly been various reports and rumors pointing to Warner Bros. being interested in working with the Batman V Superman star again on future DCEU productions and the latest evidence pointing to this happening comes from The Geeks Worldwide. The GWW scooper The Moonlight Warrior shared on Twitter that HBO Max apparently has designs on “some kind of Batfleck continuation,” writing:

As the scooper makes clear in his tweet, this is far from officially happening, as Affleck himself has yet to commit to anything beyond The Flash. Likewise, the studio is reluctant to move forward with any Snyderverse-related follow-ups until they see how well the director’s cut of Justice League does on the streaming service next year.

Fans would love to see Affleck return for a solo project, though. Preferably in a version of his take on The Batman, which he wrote a script for and was set to direct, before he handed the keys to the Batcave to Robert Pattinson. There’s been talk that his screenplay could be being dusted off, after all, meaning Joe Manganiello would likely get an invite to return as Deathstroke as well.

But it seems we won’t get any official word on this for a while yet, not until Justice League drops in early-to-mid 2021. With any luck, though, we’ll know for sure whether The Flash will be Affleck’s final outing as Batman by the time it arrives in summer 2022.