AT&T Reportedly Want Ben Affleck Back As Batman In A Solo Movie

batman justice league

Fans unsurprisingly lost their minds when it was announced that the Snyder Cut of Justice League was actually happening and heading exclusively to HBO Max, not least because it marked one of the very rare occasions that a studio has actually acted on a long-running online campaign.

However, the announcement has led to speculation that it could end up having a knock-on effect towards the entire DCEU, which was in the midst of using Justice League’s failure as the jumping-off point to draw a line under the Zack Snyder era and undergo a shift in creative direction.

There’ve already been rumors that should the re-edited version of the movie turn out to be a huge success, which is a virtual guarantee given the groundswell of support behind it, then David Ayer’s original vision for Suicide Squad, a Man of Steel sequel or even a second outing for DC’s all-star team could eventually become a reality.

Of course, Matt Reeves is currently in the process of rebooting Batman with Robert Pattinson under the cape and cowl, but a new report indicates that AT&T reportedly want Ben Affleck to return as the Caped Crusader, and are interested in having him make his version of The Batman that would have starred Joe Manganiello as Deathstroke.

While this is all just hearsay at this point, as the owners of WarnerMedia, AT&T presumably have a huge say in Warner Bros.’ output, and the Snyder Cut seems to have made anything possible when it comes to their comic book movies. Joker has already shown how DC adaptations that exist outwith the established continuity can reap massive rewards, and if Affleck decides that he’s got unfinished business with The Batman after spending years trying to get it made to no avail, then he could very well be tempted to take them up on their offer.