HBO Max Twitter Bombarded With Justice League Snyder Cut Demands

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Jesse Eisenberg might’ve never heard of the Snyder Cut, but the folks who run the HBO Max Twitter account certainly have. Diehard DC fans have been bombarding every tweet from the upcoming streaming service with pleas to see the long-rumored edition of Justice League.

WarnerMedia owns both Warner Bros., who distributed the 2017 superhero film, and HBO. Currently, executives at the company are really excited about their new platform, which they hope will enter them into the highly competitive streaming war. However, every announcement that they made on Twitter pertaining to HBO Max was met with countless requests for the Snyder Cut to be released. Thus far, however, it appears that the begging has fallen on deaf ears.

Nearly two years after the theatrical release of Justice League, both fans and Snyder himself are still imploring WarnerMedia to get his cut of the film out there to the public. The director has reportedly even gone so far as to show it to Warner Bros. executives in hopes that they’ll want to invest the time and money that it’s going to take to make it a complete product.

For those who haven’t been following this saga, the original version of Justice League was pretty much a critical and commercial disappointment when it hit theaters back in 2017. Many DC supporters ended up blaming Joss Whedon for the underperformance, given that he’s the one who took over for Snyder after he left the project.

Shortly after the release, fans began campaigning to see the original director’s cut of the movie in hopes that Snyder’s vision would be better than the underwhelming feature that was shown in theaters. At the moment, though, Warner Bros. doesn’t have any plans to release the Snyder Cut, but that hasn’t stopped avid enthusiasts and Snyder himself from imploring them to make it happen.

With the rapidly approaching launch of HBO Max, fans are now hoping that they can once again mount a serious push to encourage those at the company to finally give them what they’ve been asking for: the Snyder Cut of Justice League. Of course, it remains to be seen if they eventually comply, but assuming they don’t, the streaming service’s Twitter account will continue to be overrun with demands for the foreseeable future.