HD Concept Art For Avengers 4 Gives Us A Better Look At Hulk’s New Armor


As we continue to make predictions and pore over leaks from the upcoming Avengers 4, Marvel Studios have yet to offer much in the way of official material. Nonetheless, the recent HD releases of some previously leaked concept art can certainly be credited for granting us a clearer look at the style and attire of some of the key players in next year’s blockbuster.

The newly shared images show us a clean-shaven Steve Rogers, Rocket Raccoon with his literal and figurative claws out, Tony Stark in a similar Iron Man suit to the one he donned in Avengers: Infinity War, and Carol Danvers rocking the red-and-blue outfit seen in the new Captain Marvel stills. But what’s more likely to catch your attention in this batch of illustrations is the Hulk’s shiny new battle armor.

The HD edition of the concept art allows us to see Bruce Banner’s alter ego in greater detail, exhibiting a sleek silver pattern with a little purple – a likely nod to the character’s classic purple pants. While it’s unclear how and why Bruce has acquired this suit, it’s nice to see that the Green Goliath will be playing a far more prominent role in the upcoming sequel after his limited screen time in Infinity War.

Despite striking a notable presence in the deliberately misleading trailers for the Marvel mega-hit, Hulk seemed unusually reluctant to join in on the action after his opening fight with Thanos. While some viewers believed that his loss against the Mad Titan must have given the Avenger a case of bad nerves, directors Anthony and Joe Russo have since clarified that Hulk’s problem is more one of resentment towards his brainier other half.

“A lot of people had interpreted that the Hulk was scared of Thanos. The Hulk has had his ass kicked before, and so it wasn’t like the minute he gets his ass kicked he’s going to run and hide. It’s really the notion that the Hulk and Banner have a very dysfunctional relationship, which was explored even further in Thor: Ragnarok.”

Sounds like Bruce and Hulk have some real issues to work through when Avengers 4 comes out on May 3rd, 2019.