Everything We Know About Han Solo’s Rumored Star Wars: The Rise Of Skywalker Cameo


Over the weekend, a report from Making Star Wars made the bold claim that Harrison Ford will be reprising his role as Han Solo in the upcoming Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. Since then, we’ve yet to hear any further news on the matter, but until some fresh updates or evidence emerges, it might be worth going over the specific details of Han’s alleged cameo.

Drawing on intel from several different sources, the “disparate facts” that MSW claims to have heard break down as follows:

  • The main sequence takes place between Adam Driver and Harrison Ford or Kylo Ren and Han Solo.

  • One source called it a surprise intervention of sorts.

  • A source that did not work on or see the sequence believed it takes place when Kylo Ren asks the burned Darth Vader helmet to show him the darkness again.

  • Luke Skywalker appears to be the twist in the encounter.

  • The source was paraphrasing but Han Solo tells Ben Solo it isn’t too late and the sequence has a tone of forgiveness and understanding to it.

  • He’s not a ‘force ghost’ in the classic sense and he’s part of a ‘vision’ or ‘dream’ type moment induced by Luke Skywalker.

The report is also careful to stress that no one source was able to provide “the complete picture” of Han’s scene, meaning that the above bullet points could be missing some key details, and some of the claims might not be entirely accurate. However, the outlet went on to stress that “the one thing several sources agree on is that Harrison Ford filmed a new sequence for The Rise of Skywalker.”

From the sound of things, Han won’t be getting a huge amount of screen time in the new movie, but a lot of fans will likely appreciate the Original Trilogy star having some kind of presence in the Sequel Trilogy finale regardless. Still, it’s a curious development, seeing how Ford has never seemed particularly sentimental about his Force Awakens role.

In an interview last year with the New York Times, for example, the star admitted that he “didn’t really give a rat’s ass” about passing the torch on to a new generation of heroes. And during an appearance on Live! with Kelly and Ryan, Ford admitted that he’d been “begging” for years for his character to be killed off. If MSW has it right, however, then it seems the actor was convinced to come back one last time, but we’ll know for sure when Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker hits theaters on December 20th, 2019.