Heather Langenkamp Is Game For Another A Nightmare On Elm Street Movie


Though the past decade has given rise to many exciting new horror franchises such as The Conjuring, Insidious, The Purge and Sinister, it stands to reason that moviegoers won’t forget the classics. Heck, the monstrous success of the latest Halloween flick is evidence of just that.

And while I love me some Michael Myers, it’s the A Nightmare on Elm Street series that probably resonates with me most. I mean, not only have I dug it for most of my existence, but it also lays claim to the highest amount of satisfying sequels of any major horror saga, at least in my view.

Unfortunately, though, Warner Bros. have allowed the property to collect dust since releasing a remake back in 2010, thereby forcing us to wonder if Freddy Krueger will ever return to show the teenagers of Springwood who’s the boss.

Oddly enough, Robert Englund reprised his iconic role in a recent episode of The Goldbergs, even stating that he may have one more Nightmare picture left in him. And as it so happens, former co-star Heather Langenkamp sounds willing to come back for more, too, telling the following to Entertainment Weekly:

“I’m sitting here like any other scream queen in Hollywood, hoping that they revive their franchise. I’m not alone! I know of lots of other horror heroines who have this little bit of spring in their step thinking about the chance of perhaps being in [new versions of] the movies that they helped make famous as young people. It’s kind of crazy, but it’s definitely something I would love to do.”

Cool as that may be, don’t get your hopes up just yet, as the actress added:

“I haven’t [heard anything about a new film]. I certainly keep up with friends at New Line Cinema, and so I would expect if Warner Bros. or New Line Cinema — whoever — would put something like that together, I would imagine that I would know. So, the fact that I don’t know leads me to believe that it’s probably not in the works.”

Right now, it’s unclear how a screenwriter tasked with bringing Nancy back into the equation could pull off such a thing, given her death in A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors. Granted, Langenkamp did come back further down the line in Wes Craven’s New Nightmare, but that was as herself in a highly meta role.

The simplest solution would be to have her appear as a ghost or hallucination in a fun cameo, but A Nightmare on Elm Street could always go the way of Blumhouse’s Halloween and ignore everything but the first movie. Hey, if Laurie Strode could be killed off in Halloween: Resurrection and played by a completely different actress in two films directed by Rob Zombie before coming back as Jamie Lee Curtis in an alternate timeline, then Nancy could most certainly follow in her footsteps.

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