Hela Crushes Mjölnir In New Thor: Ragnarok Clip


Another day, another great Thor: Ragnarok clip to feast on.

This one made its debut on The Ellen Show and gives us a look at the (hopefully temporary) fate of Thor’s hammer, Mjölnir. We’ve already seen the supposedly unstoppable weapon being easily stopped by Cate Blanchett’s villainous Hela in earlier trailers and here, we see her shatter it into a million pieces, with its loss sending Thor tumbling down the galactic hierarchy until he’s reduced to battling as a gladiatorial slave.

Given how central the hammer is to the Thor legend, it presumably won’t be out of his hands for too long and Mjölnir will no doubt need to be reforged at some point. Using this as a symbol for the titular hero to put himself back together physically and psychologically in order to best the apparently invincible Hela really seems like a no-brainer for the film.

Speaking of which, Blanchett’s power-mongering nemesis has stolen headlines left, right, and center over the past few months, and we can only hope that the Oscar-winning actress will bring some much needed nuance to Marvel’s roster of supervillains. Yes, for all of the studio’s meteoric success in the past ten years, you’d struggle to name more than three or four antagonists that’ve struck a chord with their audience, so it’ll be fascinating to watch how fans react to Hela in a few weeks’ time.

Of course, she’s far from the only thing that’s got us excited for the threequel and at the moment, all signs point to Thor: Ragnarok being remembered as both another slam dunk for Marvel Studios and the first truly great solo film for the God of Thunder. It’ll come packing a pair of post-credits scenes, too, so make sure you hang around after Ragnarok‘s grand finale to discover what’s next for Hulk and the gang.