Helen Mirren Wants Michael Caine As Her Husband In Fast & Furious 10

Michael Caine

John Cena’s Jakob may have recently joined the Fast & Furious universe having never been mentioned once in the last 20 years, although his fractured relationship with Dom was explored through many lengthy flashbacks in the ninth installment, but the Torettos are still outnumbered by the Shaws.

Not many people would have predicted where things were heading when Luke Evans’ Owen was introduced as the big bad in the sixth movie, which delivered the mid-credits stinger that launched the #JusticeForHan movement and brought Jason Statham’s Deckard into the mix. Next up was Helen Mirren as matriarch Magdalene, with the actress making her third outing in F9, while Hobbs & Shaw saw Vanessa Kirby’s Hattie factor heavily into the plot.

It would be reasonable to expect all members of the saga’s other premiere family to appear at some point across the concluding tenth and eleventh Fast & Furious blockbusters, and we might even be getting papa Shaw for good measure. After Vin Diesel revealed a while back he was eying Michael Caine for the role, Mirren voiced her unequivocal enthusiasm for making it happen.

“I don’t know if I’m allowed to say but apparently Vin had the idea of Michael Caine. I mean, wouldn’t that be fantastic? That would be just so cool and absolutely perfect. So we’ll see.”

Despite being two titans of British cinema that have long since established themselves as major Hollywood players, Mirren and Caine have only appeared in one film together, which was 2001’s forgotten ensemble drama Last Orders. Having previously collaborated with Diesel on The Last Witch Hunter, there’s already a working relationship there, and Caine would bring plenty of self-aware baggage having starred in classic car caper The Italian Job, which was of course remade in 2003 with potential onscreen son Jason Statham in the lead role. Having the screen legend show up as the final piece of the Shaw puzzle is something Fast & Furious 10 shouldn’t miss out on.