Three From Hell Director Rob Zombie Shares New Captain Spaulding Photo


Captain Spaulding is looking a little worse for wear in a new still from the upcoming Three From Hell.

The killer clown of House of 1000 Corpses and The Devil’s Rejects fame is to be played once more by Sid Haig, who reprises his role opposite Bill Moseley as Otis B. Driftwood and Sheri Moon Zombie as Vera-Ellen “Baby” Firefly. While no official synopsis for Three From Hell has been released, the many set photos shared by director Rob Zombie indicate that the film’s titular trio will spend a good proportion of the movie on trial and behind bars.

That being said, we may not have to wait much longer before we can see some actual footage from the gang’s next outing. The new photo was shared by Zombie as part of a Facebook post, in which he mentions that he hopes to get the film’s first trailer to us “ASAP.” The Lords of Salem helmsman also clarified that the “very long process” for the flick to receive its R rating threw them “a couple months behind schedule,” which is why we’ve yet to see our first teaser.

Seeing how principal photography wrapped over a year ago, Three From Hell is sure taking its time to arrive in theaters. If it’s any consolation, however, Zombie assures us that we’ll agree the wait was worth it once we see the movie “in all its bloody glory splashed across the big screen.”

Though we’re still waiting for an official release date, Zombie recently suggested that the film will be headed for cinemas some time early fall, around the September vicinity. In the meantime, look out for that first trailer.

Source: Facebook

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