Three From Hell Is Not Being Released On Halloween


Rob Zombie has been consistently active on social media in recent months to offer updates and photos from the making of his next movie, Three From Hell. So while the director has yet to announce a release date for his upcoming Devil’s Rejects sequel, he was at least quick to shoot down the rumor that it was set to hit theaters on October 31st.

As the director of two Halloween movies and the Halloween-set horror flick 31, Zombie is arguably overdue to release a film on the actual day, but sadly, it doesn’t sound like Three From Hell will be doing the honors, despite a recent report saying otherwise. Taking to Instagram with another pic from the mixing room, the filmmaker offered the following update:

“Day 2 : mixing 3 FROM HELL. And on it goes! FYI the release date is not October 31st. Don’t know who started that rumor.”

Well, that’s that, but it seems we’re now back to wondering when exactly the film might be headed for theaters.

With principal photography wrapping back in April of last year, Zombie has really been taking his time with the project, though it’s encouraging to know that the director has now made it as far as sound mixing. For this current phase, Three From Hell has enlisted triple Oscar-winner Michael Minkler, whose credits range from Star Wars to Inglourious Basterds to A Star Is Born. So as Zombie himself mentioned in a post last week, the movie will “will definitely sound killer.”

At this rate, we can still be confident in saying that Three From Hell will be ready for release some time this year, but first, here’s hoping that Zombie can at least share a little footage in the near future.

Source: Instagram