Hellraiser Reboot Director Promises He Won’t Hold Back

Pinhead in Hellraiser

After years of development problems, it now appears that we’re finally gettingHellraiser reboot, with The Rituals David Bruckner behind the camera. Spyglass Media are responsible for the new picture, which is said to be a “reimagination” of Clive Barker’s 1987 original. And while reassuring any fans worried that the reboot would dilute the franchise’s graphic content, Bruckner has now confirmed on social media that he won’t be holding back.

The director had the following to say about the outpouring of support for his appointment as director for Hellraiser:

The filmmaker’s comment certainly ties into what we’re already hearing about the new Hellraiser, which is being made with the blessing of Clive Barker. The original movie was one of the most innovative in horror history, with Barker far exceeding the limited budget of the production to deliver an experience that holds up to repeated viewings without losing its unnerving qualities.

While the sequels to Hellraiser started off strongly, later entries in the franchise saw a steep decline in quality, with plans to take the series back to basics seemingly on the cards for a long time. Indeed, the project looked like it’d be another case of “what if?”, with Barker’s original script for a reboot promising a bold vision that would have connected up with the 1987 film. Instead, we had the generally panned Hellraiser: Judgment, which pretty much put the nail in the coffin of the franchise.

Ben Collins and Luke Piotrowski are on writing duties for the new Hellraiser, having previously worked with Bruckner on The Night House. In addition, David S. Goyer is involved as a producer, after adding his input to earlier drafts of the screenplay.

We’re looking forward to seeing how Bruckner and the rest of the Hellraiser crew pay homage to Barker’s classic horror movie whilst updating it to say something new about the Cenobites. And with Bruckner’s latest comment, we at least know that they’re not pulling any punches with the material.