Henry Cavill Says He Wants To Return As Superman For Man Of Steel 2


We’re currently in a similar situation with Superman as we were with Batman last year. Throughout 2018, we weren’t sure whether Ben Affleck was going to stay onboard the DCEU or not – we, of course, finally got our answer earlier this year when Robert Pattinson was cast in The Batman. Likewise, all signs are pointing to Henry Cavill having hung up his cape for the final time. However, the actor himself would apparently love to return for Man of Steel 2.

YouTuber and graphic designer Robert Roecken met the British star at Comic-Con recently and as well as sharing a snap of himself with Cavill, Roecken relayed that he also got the chance to chat to him about Superman. He writes that Cavill admitted he wants to play the hero again and hopes to star in a Man of Steel sequel.

“He said he still wants to play superman. Wants a sequel to Man of Steel. Wants to explore how it effects someone with absolute power, so many stories to tell what makes him tick.”

The fact that Cavill is interested in suiting up again as Supes isn’t that surprising. No reports have pointed to the actor getting bored with the part, only that Warner Bros. may be looking to go in a fresh direction or that there’s been a falling-out between studio and star.

If Cavill suggested that Man of Steel 2 is possible in this conversation, though, then that’s the newsworthy bit. There’s never been any confirmation that his career as Superman is over. In fact, Cavill’s manager has even denied the claims. The star himself also continues to talk about the character on social media.

Maybe this isn’t like the Affleck situation at all and, before long, WB will announce a Man of Steel 2 starring Henry Cavill. There’s no doubt that this is what the majority of the fans want to see and allegedly the man himself, too.

Source: Twitter