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Henry Cavill isn’t the only long-absent DCEU star fans want to see return

Apparently, Superman's return would be incomplete without this character.

Superman Man of Steel Henry Cavill
Image via Warner Bros.

The recently released Black Adam has won the favor of DC fans by confirming what everyone had been fervently hoping and demanding for a very long time — the return of Henry Cavill as Clark Kent aka Superman. But while this cements the presence of the Kryptonian superhero in the DCEU, it did little to dash away the lingering clouds of doubt over the appearance of another equally loved character i.e., Amy Adams as Lois Lane. 

Adams took on the role of the badass reporter for Daily Planet in 2013 with Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel, followed by Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League. Her arc as Superman’s love interest while holding her own in the storyline was widely appreciated, but then Zack Snyder bowed out of the DCEU, and with him went his massive plans for continuing Superman’s story. 

Lois Lane in Man of Steel
Image via Warner Bros. Pictures

With the rumors of Warner Bros. Pictures planning to revamp the DCEU and bring in a new Superman, the Sharp Objects star also shared that her time as Lois Lane is probably coming to an end. 

But that was back in 2018 when Cavill’s hanging up his red cape seemed inevitable. Now that the impossible is finally happening, fans can’t help but question why Adams’ return is not part of all the hoopla around Superman’s DCEU comeback.

Fans are ready to wage “spiritual warfare” against anyone even entertaining the mere thought of DCEU bringing in a new actress to replace Amy Adams.

For DCEU diehards, Cavill’s return as Superman would be incomplete unless Adams’ fearless journalist isn’t there as well. 

As one fan pointed out, when Adams said she is done playing Lois Lane, she also highlighted that it was because the DCEU appeared to be heading in a different direction – ditching Cavill as Superman. 

So, all the studio has to do is reach out to Amy Adams in case they haven’t already because evidently, DCEU fans are as passionate about her return as Lois as they have been about Cavill donning the cape again. 

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