Henry Cavill Might Be Making That Shazam! Cameo After All


Last month, the word got out that Henry Cavill had exited from the role of Superman, and in the wake of that twist, the contradicting reports have just kept coming. Now, a couple of weeks after Variety offered some alleged confirmation that Warner Bros. is indeed finished with this latest version of Clark Kent, we’re hearing that he might be making an appearance in next year’s Shazam! after all.

Cavill’s potential cameo in Billy Batson’s big screen debut has been the subject of much hearsay, with the initial plan supposedly being for the actor to show up at the end of the movie in a Nick Fury-style tease of adventures to come. It was also said last month that such a cameo was eventually scrapped, but now a report from The Nerd Rage Podcast ‏alleges that things are back on track once more:

“We’re hearing that Henry Cavill will fulfill his final contractual obligation as Superman in a post credits scene in Shazam. This will be WB’s way of judging audience engagement with Cavill as the Man of Steel.”

Honestly, at this point, all this talk around whether Cavill is or isn’t leaving the DCEU is getting pretty exhausting, but there are no doubt plenty of fans who’d gladly accept this ray of hope, even if it may be some time before Warner offers any kind of confirmation.

In any case, the David F. Sandberg-helmed Shazam! will be undergoing three weeks of reshoots in Toronto, starting next month. This has already led to some speculation that the cameo’s about to be filmed, but with Cavill busy working on The Witcher, it’s unclear whether he’ll be fitting such a job into his schedule.

Either way, we’ll find out if Supes makes the cut for Shazam! when the pic hits theaters on April 5th, 2019, but until then, all this Cavill uncertainty doesn’t look like it’s ready to clear up quite yet.

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