Henry Cavill Reportedly Willing To Take Less Money To Return As Superman

Superman-is-Flat-Out-Angry-in-Man-Of-Steel (1)

As of now, Man of Steel 2 is a mystery, wrapped in an enigma, nestled inside a head-scratching riddle. And that’s putting it lightly.

It’s the one DC movie that just refuses to take any steps forward, even despite showing much potential early on. But in this post-Justice League world we live in, and with Henry Cavill’s involvement in the DCEU still surrounded by question marks, it’s unclear if we’ll ever see the standalone superhero movie. Or if we’ll ever see Cavill back as Superman for that matter.

Unfortunately, we still don’t have any firm news to share about that situation just yet, but there has been an interesting development recently which we’ve received word of from our sources. And given that these are the same sources who told us WB was developing Green Lantern and Justice League Dark shows for HBO Max, and that Kevin Conroy was playing Kingdom Come Batman in “Crisis on Infinite Earths,” we’ve no reason to doubt them.

From what we’ve heard, Cavill has had recent talks with Warner Bros. about playing the Man of Steel again and is now willing to lower his salary in order to return. Apparently, he really wants another chance at suiting up and while no decision has been reached just yet, the two parties have at least discussed it.

Whether or not a lower fee will be enough to patch things up and get the studio back into bed with the star after everything that’s happened and how much things in the DCEU have changed, that we don’t know. But it’s at least reassuring to know that not all hope is lost yet and one day, we may see Henry Cavill suit up as Superman again on the big screen. Fingers crossed.